When it comes to fashion, it is no longer a case of one size fits all. There is no guarantee a standard size will be the same from brand to brand, or even within one store, however this is not necessarily a lack of standardisation, but a changing of styles, shapes and customer education.

The average Australian woman is changing, she is getting bigger and taller, and psychologically she is also more aware of what suits her and what she likes. There are also many women, including myself, that don't fit the 'average' model and will struggle to find garments that fit their height, size and proportions. Not to mention suit their personal style.

So the question is where to begin? Who makes the best plus and petite options? Are they expensive, affordable, good quality? The never ending list goes on....



City Chic is one of the better known plus brands that cuts from a 14-24. Their range is inspired by the current fashion and is great for picking up seasonal pieces and a few core basics. Although their garments are styled more a more contemporary dresser, there is something for everyone if you look properly.

Top picks this season include their knotted dress, fabulous denim options and boots which are cut specifically for a fuller calf. 

For more classic styles and basics check out Autograph who offer a selection of styles from sizes 14-26. They've recently started stocking brands other than their own, including Sonsee, New Look and Samya. This offering has created a more diverse range giving everyone plenty of great options and choices. 

There are also a lot of great boutique plus size brands popping up in Australia that stock online, in boutiques and in temporary pop up's. Harlow offers great fashion confident pieces for ladies size 12-26. Their pieces are super versatile and they provide inspiration on how to style it. Seraphim caters to the those who are fuller in the tummy, although their pieces can be worn by anyone size 12-26, their designs are especially good for this shape. 17Sundays wouldn't look out of place in general pants or universal store. Their pieces are a great combination of edgy and basic and easy to style of many occasions. They also cut size 12-26.

There are other online options such as ASOS, The Iconic, BeMe and MissguidedStocking Australian and international brands. the price point and return options make these sites especially appealing and worth taking the 'risk' on, whilst offering a very wide selection of styles, brands and sizes.



Petite can apply to petite in stature as well as petite in overall size. A few brands, especially denim, are offering short options and a select few are now cutting a size 4.

Topshop is a great option for the vertically petite with pieces available in stand alone stores, selected Myer stores and online for the international offering. Their pieces are designed for ladies 5'3" and under, also cut to a size 4AU in some styles and up to a 14-16. Many of their key core and fashion pieces are recut for the petites range, and recut well! 

In Australia, a few brands are starting to offer a size 4 and petite ranges for those 5'3" and under. Forever New have established a great capsule petites range to a true size 4, specialising in denim, dresses and pants. They have a great selection that is definitely work checking out.

Danni Minogue Petites for Target are also offering size 4-16, cut for the vertically challenged (at 5'1"ish I'm allowed to use this turn of phrase!) and have a great range covering work, play, basics and active wear. The price point is excellent and the styes are quite classic with a contemporary twist.

Witchery and Country Road don't offer a petites range but do cut their garments to a size 4. However it is work noting whilst the Witchery cut is fairly true to size, some of the Country Road pieces are closer to a size 6 than a 4, but still worth a try.

Myer offers a fairly good petites range for corporate and more classic styles within their home brands Basque, Regatta and Piper, cutting sizes 6-14.

Online brands such as Missguided, Boohoo and ASOS offer true petite brands that cut from a size 4-14 for those of a smaller stature. You will pretty much find anything across these sites, although they are tailored towards the more fashion confident youth market. A creative dresser will be able to style key pieces for their range back with more classic items to define their own look.

The brands mentioned here are by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully give you confidence and awareness in whats available to those that don't 'fit' the norm. What would you add to the list and what are you looking for?