Every single person is different and experiences things differently. All services offered are approached with an individual process putting the person and what they need first. This means that no two people will every have exactly the same experience. This specialised approach gives you an experience tailored uniquely to you!




This service is all about hitting the shops and finding wardrobe pieces that are uniquely you. We focus on finding new clothing that suits you, your lifestyle, your body proportions and your own style. This one on one session will help you build the ultimate wardrobe. Want to have a capsule wardrobe where you can mix and match, or focus purely on your corporate pieces? This session can be tailored to each individual’s needs. Working within any budget, personal styling session is as investment in your style education, teaching you what suits you and why and where to find it. Make-up and hair advice can be included at an additional cost.

Minimum 2 hours from $300



Feel like a day of fun out with the girls? Overdue for some pampering and time for yourselves? This service is a fantastic opportunity to spend time with friends learning together about what suits your lifestyle, personal style, proportions and budget. Make-up, hair advice and luxury transport to and from your appointment can be included at an additional cost.

2 people - Minimum 3 hours from $500
3 people - Minimum 3 hours from $620
4 people - Minimum 4 hours from $800



Do you have a shop or an event that needs that visual pop? Allow us to style your shop window or display or show you how to maximise the visual attractiveness of your product and engage with your customer. Services can be moulded to each individual requirement depending on product available, location and budgetary requirements.




More often than not we feel like we have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear. Together we will go through every piece and clean up and clean out your wardrobe. We will work out what essential and investment pieces are missing and inject new life into old pieces by mixing and matching clothing and accessories in your wardrobe to create brand new looks! We will also look at wardrobe organisation and storage solutions to ensure your wardrobe space is working best for you. This service is a great precursor to a Personal Styling Session.

Minimum 2 hours from $300



Imagine relaxing in the comfort of your home, with drinks and nibbles whilst your personal stylist teaches you about you, body proportions and best colour choices, wardrobe staples, mix and match options, helping you to understand why your favourite pieces of clothing always look amazing and why you own some clothes you’ve never worn! We’ll also answer all your questions on where to find that specific piece, how to work around your budget, and talk about the latest trends and fashions and how to investment shop.

Guests can bring a small selection of their own pieces for styling ideas and can also organise a clothes swap as a part of the session. Key pieces to suit your group will also be brought to show you what’s currently available in stores and how these pieces can work for you.

For $95 per person, you and your guests will receive a few hours of the valuable time and knowledge of your personal stylist, a package including the information covered at the party and more, information, make-up, discounts and samples, and a special offer with your personal stylist for a one on one consultancy.

(Minimum 6 people)